• Optional Multiple type of Substrates
  • Customized Coating

A Window is constituted by two relative parallel surfaces, one of them is fine ground and the other is polished. It is used to segregate two physical environments thereby let rays pass through. It’s widely used in Projection System, Imaging System and Optical Measuring System. Boxin is able to provide windows with various types of substrates, for instance: Optical Glass Windows, Quartz Windows, Sapphire Windows, CaF₂ Windows, MgF₂ Windows, ZnSe Windows and ZnS Windows etc. Please download PDF file for more details. On the basis of cutomers’ requirements, Boxin selects the customer preferred materials to process optics and coatings. For more information, please contact our sales.

Materials: Optical Glasses,Color Glasses,Laser Crystal,Fused Silica,
Radiation Resistant Glasses,IR & UV Materials,Fiber Optical Glasses,
Acousto-Optic Glasses,Acousto-Optic Glasses,Photochromic Glasses,
e.g.,SiO₂,CaF₂,BaF₂,ZnSe,ZnS,Ge,Si,Al₂O₃ etc.
Dimension Range (mm): Φ3 ~Φ1100
Dimension Tolerance (mm): ±0.01 ~±0.2 Thickness Tolerance (mm): ±0.01 ~±0.1
Scratch & Dig: 10/5~80/50

Flat Optical Components Workshop

Besides the regular flat optical components, Boxin is capable of processing large-scale flat optical components by adapting one CNC 800mm grinding machine, two 2000mm large ring polishing machines, 3 1000mm segregators, and 8 double-sides polishing machines etc.

Coating Workshop

Boxin has been continuously upgrading its coating facilities. At present, Boxin has 10 sets of advanced local and foreign made coating machines and customize various optical coating layers according to customer inquiries.

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