Large-scale Optics

Large-scale Optics

Ultraprecise processing technology for large diameter optics is a comprehensive application of achievement of various subjects and technology, it facilitate development of advanced technology of civil use and scientific research. Under national optical programme, Boxin grant significant improvement on ultraprecise processing and productive technology, especially on ultraprecise optics cold processing of large diameter cylinder. Now on rough grinding, fine grinding and polishing production line, Boxin is capable of process batch quantity of ultraprecise optics.

Large-scale Optics Process Capability

Large diameter optics is mainly using in printing machine, astronomical optics, specular flux system, large site vision system, distance imaging system, scientific research and security and protection, etc. Boxin has 20 years of experience on processing, we have 4 large diameter production lines, including: large diameter flat surface production line , large diameter spherical production line, large diameter aspherical production line, large diameter cylindrical production line. Maximum processing size can reach 1200mm, surface precision is λ/10/100mm.

General Specification

Materials: Optical Glasses,Color Glasses,Laser Crystal,Fused Silica,Radiation Resistant Glasses,IR & UV Materials,Metal Materials,e.g.,Glass Ceramics,Ge etc. Maximum manufacturing dimension for large aperture plano products: 1200mm
Maximum manufacturing dimension for large aperturer spherical lenses: 1100mm Maximum manufacturing dimension for large aperture cylindrical lenses: 1200mmx650mm
Maximum manufacturing dimension for large aperture toroidal lenses: 300mm PV: λ/10/100mm
Coating: Customizable (For details, please refer to Boxin Optical Coating.)

Product Overview

Large Size Flats

Large Size Spherical Lenses

Large Size Cylindrical Lenses

Large Size Aspherical Lenses

Boxin’s Equipment for Large-scale Optics

  • Large caliber cylindrical lens polishing machine
  • Large caliber dual-side polishing machine

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