Spherical Lenses

Flat Optics

Toric Lenses

Aspherical Lenses

Cylindrical Lenses

Optical Components

Boxin supplies high precision Optical lenses across China and around the World. We custom made optical components designed with specific substrates. Our products used in a wide range of applications, such as microscopy, imaging, life science, testing, and measurement. Meanwhile, we have a sophisticated R&D team, which provides technical support to its product designs and fabrications.
The processing materials for Boxin’s products covered almost all material types throughout the market, such as Optical Glass, Color Glass, IR & UV Materials, Fiber Optical Glass, and Acoustic-optic Glass, etc.

Optical Coating

Boxin owns coating workshop, we supply design and manufacture High-Performance thin film service to our customers, includes the anti-reflection thin film, Semi-Reflective thin film, High-Reflective thin film, Filter thin film, Metal thin film, Polarized thin film, Non-Polarized thin film, depends on customers request and the wavelength range covers from DUV to FIR.

Lens Assembly

Boxin has developed a variety of lenses for Industrial, Scientific, Medical and Mechanical Equipment. From the initial OEM to independently developed, Boxin’s lens design and processing capability coutinuly to improved. Currently, Boxin can design and produce various special lenses according to customers’ requirements. Through the testing of multiple indicators, Boxin ensures the high precision, high efficiency, and durability of the lenses.

Talent Cultivation Program

Boxin is committed to the cultivation of optical talents and has been conducting research co-op with several universities and research institutes.The students come to visit Boxin for optics research and internship.

Boxin News

Changchun Boxin Photoelectric Co., Ltd. was invited to participate in Beijing Photonics Exhibition ILOPE2018 on 10 Oct 2018.

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