Lens Customization and Assembly

Lens Customization and Assembly
  • Multiple Focal Lengths availability
  • Can be customized according to customers’ needs

Camera lens is an indispensable part of the machine vision system, which is directly affects the quality of the image. Therefore, it is especially important to select a suitable lens to reduce the cost of the machine vision system. Boxin has a variety of focal lengths to choose from. For special customization, please contact our sales department.

Part Number EFL Field Of View D*H*V 2/3″ Field Of View D*H*V 1/2″ Relative Aperture(F) Mount Format(inCh) M.O.D(m) Dimension Range(mm) W(g)
H0514-MP 5mm / 76.7×65.5×51.4 1.4-16C C 1/2″ 0.1 φ44.5×45.5 107
M0814-MP 8mm 61.7×56.3×43.7 51.9×42.5×32.4 1.4-16C C 2/3″ 0.1 φ33.5×28.2 70
M1214-MP 12mm 49.2×40.4×30.8 37.0×30.0x22.7 1.4-16C C 2/3″ 0.15 φ33.5×28.2 65
M1614-MP 16mm 38×30.8×23.4 28.2×22.7×17.1 1.4-16C C 2/3″ 0.3 φ33.5×28.2 65
M2514-MP 25mm 24.9×20.0x15.1 18.2×14.6×11.0 1.4-16C C 1/2″ 0.3 φ33.5×36 75
M3514-MP 35mm 17.3×13.9×10.4 12.6×10.1×7.6 1.4-16C C 2/3″ 0.3 φ33.5×28.2 87
M5018-MP 50mm 13.1×10.5×7.9 9.5×7.6×5.7 1.8-16C C 2/3″ 0.5 φ33.5×38.1 90
M7528-MP 75mm 8.5×6.8×5.1 6.2×5.0x3.7 2.8-16C C 2/3″ 0.3 φ33.5×57.75 113

Camera Lens Assembly

2000 sqm ultra-clean rooms and profession lenses assembly engineers allow Boxin to provide various kinds of cameras according to customers’ requests.

Component Installation

Boxin lenses assembly engineer and ultra-clean room.

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