750mm Long Focus Camera Lens

750mm Long Focus Camera Lens
  • Broadcast megapixel, high magnification lens
  • IR day and night dual function, with 24-hour surveillance
  • 1/1.8 Large Target Surface
  • High Luminous Flux F4 – Industry Leading
  • Anti Fog Function
  • A Variety of Infrared Wavelengths are available (808 / 850 / 950nm)
  • Scope of application: 5-10 km monitoring distance
  • Wide spectrum 400~950nm
  • High Transmittance above 80%
  • 60 times Optical large magnification, 750mm long Focal Length
  • A Variety flexible control functions (electric control, RS485 control) remote night vision monitoring, can be installed with auto focus
  • Can effectively reduce reflection
  • Reduce Astigmatism and Ghosting
  • Enhance Light Transmission so that the lens absorbs more light energy
  • Manually controlled Aperture
  • Unique Optical Technology ensuring the center is no less than 4 million pixels and the surounding no less than 3 million pixels, provides high definition picture and color
  • Excellent Environmental Adaptability: able to operate normally with temperature of -40℃~+70℃

The 60x series is the industry’s highest level, High-Definition Auto Zoom Lens designed for both day and night. It can play an important role in remote surveillance such as borders, railways, forest fire prevention, and harbours. It can clearly captures the movement of people from 5 kilometers away and has an aperture function. In order to facilitate the monitoring of the object, the light can be finely adjusted.

CCD: 1/1.8 Pixel: 2MP
Focal length: 12.5-750mm Interface: C Type
Aperture range: F5.7-F11 Focus range: 20m~∞
Field angle (Diagonal×Horizontal×Vertical),1/1.8″:39.32~0.60×32.00~0.48×24.00~0.36 Field angle (Diagonal×Horizontal×Vertical),1/2″: 34.21~0.53×27.66~0.43×20.92~0.32
Field angle (Diagonal×Horizontal×Vertical),1/3″:25.99~0.40×20.92~0.32×15.77~0.24 Backward focal length(in air): 36.1mm
Operation,Focus: Electron-drive Operation,Zoom: Electron-drive
Operation,Aperture: Fixed aperture Operation,Auto Focusing:Optional
Distortion,1/1.8″: 0.51%~-1.12% Distortion,1/2″: 0.45%~-0.89%
Distortion,1/3″:0.35%~-0.5% Dimension(W×H×L): 140mmX121mmX303mm
Anti-fog:Yes Operation temperature: -40℃~+70℃
Optical length:317.736mm Weight:4.4kg【3.15kg without outer shell】

Camera Lens Assembly

2000 sqm ultra-clean rooms and profession lenses assembly engineers allow Boxin to provide various kinds of cameras according to customers’ requests.

Component Installation

Boxin lenses assembly engineer and ultra-clean room.

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