Flat polarized spectroscopic coating(IR)

Flat polarized spectroscopic coating(IR)
  • 2.0μm≤λ≤20.0μm

Flat polarized spectroscopic coating(IR) can split incident monochromatic beam to reflective and transmissible quantities with appointed strength ratio. It’s not only durable but also has great resistance to laser damage. It’s mainly using in application of retain polarization of incident beam.

Angle of Incidence: Brewster’s Angle Reflectance: Rs ≥ 99%
Transmittance: Tp ≥ 90% Extinction Ratio: Tp / Ts ≥100:1

Coating Workshop

Boxin has been continuously upgrading its coating facilities. At present, Boxin has 10 sets of advanced local and foreign made coating machines and customize various optical coating layers according to customer inquiries.

Film inspection

Boxin has established a completed coating inspection system, equipped with Hitachi u-4100 , FTIR-920 IR, american-made PE-Lambda 950 spectrometers and other advanced coating inspecting equipment, and also, Boxin independently developed the Laser-induced Damage Threshold machine to accurately testing LIDT coatings, so as to provide customers with high-quality LIDT coatings.

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