Boxin provides high-volume Prism lenses for Laser machines, Machine Vision and Medical Equipment in the market, either you need us to manufacture the Lenses or provide an ideal design, our engineers will provide solutions for your request. Contact our experts or get a quick quote.

Prisms Process Capability

Boxin manufactures a variety of Prisms in according to customers’ need, including Right-Angle Prisms, Cube Prisms, Penta Prisms, Dove Prisms, Roof Prisms, and Rhombic Prisms. The processing range is from 3mm to 500mm, and the minimum angular deviation can reach 3″. Either you need a small numbers of prism lens sample for prototyping or mass production, Boxin is honored to provide assistance to your project.

General Specification

Materials: Optical Glasses, Laser Crystal, Fused Silica, Radiation Resistant Glasses, IR & UV Materials, e.g., SiO₂, CaF₂, BaF₂, ZnSe, ZnS, Ge, Si, Al₂O₃ etc. Dimension Range (mm): 3~500
Dimension Tolerance (mm): ±0.005 ~±0.2 Scratch & Dig: 10/5~80/50
PV: λ/20~λ/Φ100 mm Angel Deviation: 3″~5′
Coating: Customizable (For details, please refer to Boxin Optical Coating.)

Inspection Workshop

Product Overview

Right Angle Prisms

Cube Prisms

Penta Prisms

Dove Prisms

Roof prisms

Wedge Prisms

Rhomboid Prisms

Porro Prisms

Corner Cube Prisms

Half Penta Prisms

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