Plano Concave Cylindrical Lenses

Plano Concave Cylindrical Lenses
  • Strict dimension control, process Cylindrical Lens of diversified specifications and radius according to drawing
  • Options of material: Optical Glasses,Laser Crystal,Fused Silica,Radiation Resistant Glasses,IR & UV Materials,Metal Materials

Combined with a Plano-convex Lens, Plano-concave Cylindrical Lens can be used to shape an Elliptical Beam of a Semiconductor Laser into a circular beam. It also can be used in Projection System, Imaging System, Optical Instrument and Laser Measuring System. Boxin selects the preferred material, process and Coating in according to cutomers’s requirement. For more information, please contact our sales

Materials: Optical Glasses,Laser Crystal,Fused Silica,Radiation Resistant Glasses,IR & UV Materials,Metal Materials,e.g.,SiO₂,CaF₂,BaF₂,ZnSe,ZnS etc. Radius Range (mm): R2~R∞
Dimension Range (mm): 2~1200 (Max width : 650mm) Dimension Tolerance (mm): ±0.01 ~±0.2
Thickness Tolerance (mm): ±0.01 ~±0.2 Scratch & Dig: 10/5~80/50
PV: λ/20~λ/2  / Φ100 mm Centration: 30″~5′ (or Δt ≤0.02)
Clear Aperture: >90% Coating: Customizable (For details, please refer to Boxin Optical Coating.)

Cylindrical Lenses Workshop

Boxin has an outstanding reputation among the customers in processing capabilities for optical Lenses, and our cylindrical lenses custom capability has reached the top level in the industry and based on customers’ demands. We own more than 100 sets of CNC Cylindrical Lens Grinding and Polishing machines and over 40 traditional Polishing machines.

Coating Workshop

Boxin has been continuously upgrading its coating facilities. At present, Boxin has 10 sets of advanced local and foreign made coating machines and customize various optical coating layers according to customer inquiries.

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