Production Workshop

Production Workshop

Cylindrical Lens Production line

Boxin Cylindrical lens workshop has over 100 sets of CNC machines, which is consist of Large-sized Cylindrical lens polishing machine, CNC Cylindrical Lens Milling machines, and CNC polishing machines, at the same time, we have over 40 sets of traditional polishing machines. Our annual output of cylindrical lenses are more than 2 million pieces.

Aspherical Lens Production line

Aspherical lens workshop adopts 3 sets of Satisloh Grinding and Polishing machines, 5 sets of self-developed Aspherical lens Polishing machines. Our annual output is 50,000 pieces.

Flat Components Production Line

Boxin’s Flat production workshop is equipped with a self-developed CNC 800mm large-scale Flat Milling machines, 2 sets of 2000mm Large Ring Polishing machines, 3 sets of 1000mm Separators, 8 sets of Double-sided Polishing machines, etc. We provides reliable quality for the production of large-scale Flat series products and with an annual output of 500,000 pieces of flat components.

Toric Lens Production Line

Boxin adopts more than 30 sets of imported Toric Lens CNC grinding and polishing machines. Annual output is 150,000 pieces.

Single Point Diamond Turning Lathe

Boxin imports Single Point Diamond Turning Lathe. Available materials include Al, Cu, Ge or any types of carbon free crystals. The manufacturing shapes are spherical, aspherical lenses and freeform surfaces lenses.

Boxin Single line DCW glass cutting machines

In Boxin beveling workshop, there are three independently developed Single line DCW glass cutting machines, they are able to precisely cut optical materials into straight line shapes.

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