CO₂ Laser Expander

CO₂ Laser Expander
  • Wide Application
  • Low Distortion

A CO₂ Beam Expander is a lens assembly that is capable of varying the diameter and divergence of the laser beam. The laser beam emitted from the laser has a certain divergence angle. For laser processing, only the laser beam becomes a collimated (parallel) beam by the adjustment of the beam expander, and a small high-power density spot can be obtained by using the focusing mirror; In laser ranging, the beam collimation must be maximized to achieve the desired long-distance measurement. The beam expander can be used to change the beam diameter for different optical instruments. The filter can be used to make the asymmetric beam distribution become symmetric and to distribute the light energy more evenly. It is mainly used in medical endoscopes, scientific research, special surveillance, stage lighting and other fields.

Part Number φA φB φC L1 L2 Magnification Screw Thread Input CA Output CA Wavelength
BE81-001 20 19 20 41 58 3x M16x0.75 10mm 16mm 10.6μm
BE81-002 20 19 20 35 52 4x M16x0.75 10mm 16mm 10.6μm
BE81-003 20 19 20 38.5 55.5 5x M16x0.75 10mm 16mm 10.6μm
BE81-004 20 19 20 41 58 6x M16x0.75 10mm 15mm 10.6μm
BE81-005 41 37 41 94 111 8x M16x0.75 10mm 33mm 10.6μm
BE81-006 41 39 41 101 118 10x M16x0.75 10mm 36mm 10.6μm

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