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Optical standard item store
Bo Xin provides a wide range of precision optics components, from achromatic lenses, spherical lenses, aspherical lenses to cylindrical lenses, mirrors, prisms, windows, grating 《See more》

Camera Lens
Bo Xin has developed all kinds of camera lens used in the field of industry, scientific research, medical treatment,Mechanical equipments etc. the capability of camera design an 《See more》

Optical Kits
Bo Xin devoted itself to the processing of photoelectric kits, is actively involved in the Collaboration and cooperation with specialized photoelectric kits company, accordingly 《See more》

New Products
Bo Xin always takes on the R&D of products as development strategy of company, has developed optical products which is suitable for the development requirement of photoelectric 《See more》

Optics Desig
Bo Xin relies on technology support from Changchun Institute of Optics and Fine Mechanics (CIOM) and Changchun Science and Technology University, possess a complete of technolog《See more》

Optics Coati
Bo Xin provides a wide range of optical coatings, coatings cover from visible, IR, near IR, to UV waveband. Coatings include: AR coating, Half reflective coating, High reflectiv 《See more》

Optics Facil
Bo Xin owns advanced optical production and inspection facilities. Products facility include Production facilities include milling and grinding machine with digital controlled, two-sides polish 《See more》

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